Susan J Hernandez

Susan J Hernandez


About Me

My name is Susan J Hernandez.  I’m 46 years old, I live in Manassas Virginia, and I’m a mother of 2 lovely boys.

I’m a Software Engineer (a.k.a. computer programmer) by day,

and by night I dream of music, writing, and breaking out of the prison I’ve locked myself into.

I struggle with Bipolar Disorder yet I’ve managed to remain the sole supporter of my 3-adult 2-child household.

Major dual announcement

While this has nothing to do with writing, I’m going through a life-changing event, and I’m embarking on yet another partially-realized dream – recapturing my music from so long ago.  Here’s my Bio.

Maybe I’ll be able to write up a good book on this experience after I’ve done it.

View the story here:  Major Dual Announcement…but…

~ Sue