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7/11/2016 The Challenges of Bipolar as a Writer
I haven’t written for months, and it’s not entirely due to writers’ block.
5/11/2016 Sweet Mother’s Day Story
My kids are so sweet.
4/27/2016 More on Martin Wilsey: Interview excerpts
4/20/2016 Author: Martin Wilsey
Great guy; great author; great tips.
4/15/2016 Invitation to show your published book pic here
I have a page on this blog. Would you like to post a pic of your published book?
4/12/2016 Woa, Nelly! Slow it Down!
I’m not giving myself enough time to really edit my book – I’m committing to selling it before I’ve even written half.
4/10/2016 Writing Sample and Story World Teaser
Serves both as a sneak peek into my universe and a sample of my writing style.
4/07/2016 Social Marketing: Sell yourself like a Character
If your blog is intended in any way to “attract” people, you might want to use a tip from novel writing to help sell yourself.
3/31/2016 Author Interview: Kirsty L Jennings
Author Kirsty L Jennings was kind enough to agree to an interview, discussing her books and her writing.
3/31/2016 Methods for Plotting your Novel
Some methods I discovered for figuring out all the different areas to include in your plot to ensure it’s fully developed and interesting.
03/25/2016 Setback
Personal injury has stalled my schedule
03/18/2016 Time to Write like Hades – PA Writing Workshop April 9
Taking the plunge…
03/17/2016 There’s a hole in my story, dear Agent, dear Agent…
Couldn’t help it. It was beckoning.
03/14/2016 Charged Up – A Friday Fictioneers writing exercise
Pitiful attempt this week, not to mention late.
03/14/2016 Steps for Writing your First Novel
What I should have done, to begin, but didn’t. It’s only the very beginning…several more years of learning to go…and that’s only the first round!
03/08/2016 Zootopia (MOVIE REVIEW) [Reblog]
Another Disney movie. This reviewer liked it as much as I!
03/08/2016 House Cleaning
Finally cleaned up my first few chapters (first try at editing) as well as cleaned up my blog site.

Orig: 04/20/2014

Are you sure you want to do this? [Reblog]
Nice blog from Fabricating Fiction – cute little story that ends in reaffirming, “Yes, I really want to do this.”
03/05/2016 Mario Maker Strikes Again A Friday Fictioneers writing exercise
This is a fun writing exercise. Write a 100 word story given a picture for a prompt.
03/04/2016 Challenge: Accepted
I signed up for a Blog Post challenge in April – covering A to Z
03/03/2016 Writing – keeping a good attitude
I’m starting an experiment to keep up my spirits and not get bogged down with doubt. Will you join me?
02/29/2016 What are my choices for editing my novel?
Discusses why we should edit, and my dilemma on the balance between editing services and self-editing.
02/28/2016 Writing Blogs and Sites – Community, Education and Services
Somewhat unvetted list of resources.
02/28/2016 Kung Fu Panda 3
I have been cursed. I can’t even enjoy a movie without analyzing the story now.
02/27/2016 Writing – Fun or Work?
Conflicting ideas on if you’re just born a writer, or if you have to work hard at it.
02/27/2016 Should I Publish my Novel?
Initial thoughts – publish or not? Where would I start? Also discusses traditional publishing versus self-publishing.
02/27/2016 From Zero to Hero – Journey of a Novelist
Introduction to blog series.

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