From Zero to Hero – Journey of a Novelist

From Zero to Hero – Journey of a Novelist


As the title of this post may illustrate, a good story can stick with us long after we’ve finished. While I didn’t realize it at the time, Disney films simultaneously entertained and educated me over the years. Disney’s Hercules inspired me with the idea that true love can pack more power – more value – than being a god.

Continuing with this example, though, let’s re-examine. Is that the only message here – is it that simple and cliché? What about the fact that Hercules spent his whole life striving to achieve a status that, in the end, was meaningless? He’s been bullied and labeled an outcast, so he assumes that attaining this status should fix everything. That itself speaks volumes – how many societies send the message that power, wealth, and fame are the only paths to self-worth? As a viewer, we can choose to sit back, sing along (at varying levels of skill), and enjoy. Or, we can analyze the deeper meanings – whether imagined or intentional, obvious or subtle.

A good story moves you. Stays with you. Sometimes, a great story helps you, teaches you.

This is what inspires us to write.

This weekend, I am launching my blog series – “From Zero to Hero – Journey of a Novelist.” As a fresh fish with no prior experience at writing fiction, I have decided to share my trials and tribulations with you as I write my first novel. I am documenting the process of learning to write with the eventual intention of publishing*. I will discuss my successes and failures, and what I’m learning along the way.

This weekend, I will be posting several blogs to catch up with the last few weeks of initial discovery. Even in that short time, my idea of what it means to be a published writer has drastically changed.

I hope my experiences can help and inspire you in your journey.

* Note the distinction here – you can write for the sheer joy of it, or you can write with the intention of being published. This subject warrants an entire post of its own, because I have found drastically differing opinions on this. Nevertheless, it is important to note that getting published is a business, and needs to be approached as such. That may feel daunting, but I ask you this – what good is telling your story, if no one hears it? Don’t you want to inspire your readers as much as your favorite storytellers inspired you?

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5 thoughts on “From Zero to Hero – Journey of a Novelist

    1. Thank you!!! Right now I’m wondering if I’m ever going to start writing again! I got to Chapter 4, started learning, realized I knew nothing whatsoever, revised what I had, cutting 3,000 words…….. Now I’m reading a “Dummies” book but man I’m learning so much! I hope I get to the point of publishing (and that’s what I’m working towards) but my first goal is just finishing the darn book. 🙂


  1. Seems like having a story to tell, and telling a story are two distinct and inextricably combined elements of the same activity. One is Capacity, the other Flow. For capacity to flow, there needs be some form of Impedance, as elsewhere in nature. What is the Impedance to your Storied Capacity? What condition(s) exist for your Story to flow across? Myths and fables old and new always seem to address some fundamental issue we contend with personally or as members of some group or another, representing resistance to change…As is said elsewhere, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star – Power Equals I-Squared-R” – or the ability for Capacity to effect Change is a combined function of Flow and (Resistive) Impedance. ^___^

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    1. Capacity: Both my always vivid imagination, now being combined with my son’s amazing brain;
      Flow: Before I continue writing, I’m getting educated on the tools of the trade, and the tools of “what makes” the Flow in the first place;
      Impedance: In life, my current block is that I’m stopped dead on information (education) overload, and have stopped CREATING;
      Impedance: In my story, the main Character’s block is that (a) he thinks he “has” no magic “power”; (b) doesn’t actually understand how magic works, thus being why he thinks he “has” none; and (c) can’t hope to rescue his Sister and Father from the bad-guys – the Vythons – before the Vythons can gather enough of the planet’s naturl energy source to use magic to transform Sis and Dad into more Vythons. You see, THEY do know how magic works….



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