9. House Cleaning

9. House Cleaning

Part of the series “From Zero to Hero – Journey of a Novelist”

I have done some major overhaul in the past few days:

  1. First major self-edit

    I finally took all of the things that I have learned about writing so far (in the last month or so) and did a major overhaul of what used to be 4 chapters and 13,000 words. It is now 2 chapters plus a teensie bit of chapter 3 and only 10,416 words.

    However, I am MUCH happier with it.

    I still do want to write up a post on my notes. I’ll get to that.

  2.  Finally settled on a site design (I think) for this blog

    I have been playing with themes and didn’t know about featured images and all that. I think I’ve finally settled.

    Partially, this is in preparation for A-Z Blogs in April, where I’ve read it’s good to have images.

Most of my images (the ones clearly not from others) are purchased through http://www.123rf.com/. I’m finding lots of great stuff there.

Featured Image
Copyright: jesterarts / 123RF Stock Photo


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