11. Charged Up – A Friday Fictioneers writing exercise

11. Charged Up – A Friday Fictioneers writing exercise


I missed last Friday. This feels like a pitiful attempt to me, but I have to practice.

It shouldn’t be possible; magic was only real in stories. Magic was supposed to be – well – magical: fun and exciting. She was certainly excited, but not having any fun.

Christie spotted a metal trash can, and slowed. Close by, leaning against a wall, there was a baseball bat. Desperate, she grasped at a crazy idea.

She waited until her assailant was close. As he raised his hands, she leapt back. Lightning seared the trash can, charging it instantly. Quickly, she sprang forward and knocked the can with the bat as hard as she could. She wondered if the man still thought magic was exciting.



photo provided by © Emmy L Gant

Word count = 106 (oops)

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple. Her writing challenge is to write a complete story using 100 words or less using the photo as a prompt.

Sue H

Featured Image
Photo provided by © Emmy L Gant.


4 thoughts on “11. Charged Up – A Friday Fictioneers writing exercise

  1. Interesting stuff, Susan. I like the world you’ve created in such a short time. If I had one piece of concrit for you, I’d suggest a little less pondering in the first paragraph – this is an action scene, so i’d like to feel the breathless urgency of being chased by a lightning-wielding magic man, rather than some musings on the nature of magic.


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    1. Well isn’t that something. My whole “she was frantically running” thing before talking about magic – where did that go??? Maybe I was stripping down words. LOL. Thank you so very much for commenting! I love these things because it gives me great practical writing practice.


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