14. Setback

14. Setback

Part of the series “From Zero to Hero – Journey of a Novelist”

Previously, I wrote that I had taken the plunge and had signed up for the PA Writing Workshop on April 9. Today I had to make the sad decision to cancel my enrollment due to injury.

It’s kind of crazy, because my injury happened before I enrolled. I think what had happened, though, is I had been mostly working from home, and any movement I made was quite stiff. Basically, I was purposely trying not to move around so as not to hurt.

Recently, my injured left wrist informed me that it wasn’t so much my wrist that hurt, but my hand and fingers. The few times I tried to drive, I found I actually could not use that hand and I HATE to drive one-handed. Any time I’d go to open a door, and without thinking, I would stick out my left hand; if my hand hit it, everything was fine, but if my fingers touched the door and slightly bent back, then ZING pain.

What was the kicker is I went to a rehab appointment on Tuesday. The rehab was for a prior injury that was basically healed and I was just finishing up. I had delayed my appointments after the injury and this was the first time back. Obviously, my physical state had changed, so he did what he called the “range of motion” tests. Basically that’s “how far can you raise your arm until it hurts?” tests.

So I lifted my arm until it …. OUCH. That’s my right shoulder, I didn’t know that one hurt. And I turned my neck until …. YOUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH …. did I just pinch my neck? I can’t even move it now!!! And I bent down until … OW! And I looked up until … wait I can’t even look up …

So now I feel like I got hit by a mack truck – 500 times worse than the week after the actual accident. This means I can’t drive anymore (which I was limited anyway) and it means I’m so sore that instead of being “almost done” with the Manuscript, in time to finish and polish it before the Agent Pitch on April 9, now it means it won’t be ready because I’m spending my days in bed. And I do NOT want to aggravate a great agent with a half-baked manuscript.

I still feel like I have all of the “ingredients” to whip through the rest, and I have all of the key questions answered and documented, and all the plot points covered in detail, but right now, I just need to rest and recover, and stop holding myself to a deadline that I set up for myself in the first place, which has now become unreasonable and has added stress.

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