Call for Confidence #atozchallenge help

Call for Confidence #atozchallenge help

Call for Help – A to Z Challenge Blog Ideas (A-Z #965)
Hey, y’all, can I ask for your help with ideas? I’m stuck on the next few letters.

I have some letters that I’m at a loss for. My A-Z Challenge theme is basically “Self-Confidence” in any way, shape, or form you want to slice it.

Do you have any ideas for:

  • H, I, J, K
    • “Help” ? About how to get help with confidence problems? Heck, I have no idea how to get help, if I knew that I wouldn’t have so many confidence problems.
    • “I need…..” …. what?  What do I need?  Other than more confidence, that is….
    • “Joke” um, no, it’s no joke, certainly
    • I won’t even go there with K
  • These, I should have time to get to “later” but I haven’t planned them out. Feel free to let me know if you have any ideas.
    • L, O, P, Q, R, U, V, X, Y

Hopefully it goes without saying but if the blog for that letter is prompted by your idea you get full credit. Please include whichever link you want me to use when I credit you. 🙂   [ HEY A TO Z ADMINS, IS THIS CHEATING??? I’m only looking for idea prompts, not full blogs… ]

Here are the ones I do have ideas for. If you want to know a tiny one-sentence blurb on what they are, check out the TOC.


A = All about Me [You]
B = Bullying: I can stop being bullied
C = Criticize me, please! No, really!
D = Don’t give up too soon or too late
E = Equal Doesn’t mean Same

Not Written

F = Focus on Strength not on Weakness
G = Guilt Trip
M = My Car only seats Just so Many
N = No Magic Answers
S = Society’s Messages
T = Taking Care of Number One
W = Who Cares?
Z = Zero to Hero (wrap-up)


Featured Image
Copyright:  kirillm / 123RF Stock Photo


13 thoughts on “Call for Confidence #atozchallenge help

    1. LOL You picked the songs, already, though, so are you second-guessing the songs, or just can’t picture what to write once you get there? I have to admit, I don’t have any blogs pre-written except for tomorrow’s. The letters I list that I “have” already just mean I have the ideas, but haven’t actually written the blogs. Dang we fiction writers need to write ourselves some time travelling or day-extension gizmo or something for creating more hours in a day!!!

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      1. LOL! I did pick the songs but I don’t know what the content will be or for which characters. I only have point forms drafted and the graphic I will use but the nothing really pre-written more than a day or two in advance! :0

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  1. Here are a few ideas:
    H – Heart or hubris or Honor
    I – Independence or if you want opposite, insecurity
    J – Journey
    K – Kindness
    O – Opportunity
    P – Pride, positiveness, or patience
    Q – Quick (to let go of anger)
    R – Reassurance
    U – Unique (you are unique)
    V – Valor or values
    Y – Yearn to be a better person
    Hope these help. Good luck with the challenge! Cassie from Mommy, RN

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    1. Wow can I take a few? The ones that sing to me are the double I, J, I wonder which P maybe Pride (double-edged, not too much not too little???), Unique I like very much, and Values. Holey moley you, like, solved all my problems, I was just really looking for H and I before I got to them and didn’t have anything!


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      1. You are welcome. Those are just the ones that come to mind (I guess working with teenage girls helps with this a lot!), but feel free to take them. That is why I listed them for you.


    1. Thank you so much! The one that jumps out at me right away is “Love (of self)” because that one’s a pet peeve of mine. I never truly understood “Love yourself” and it always seemed cheezy to me, but (as for me anyway) I realized for me that it was about being “comfortable” with myself. Feeling like I didn’t want to make myself squirm in embarrassment. That I didn’t have to “justify” who I was.


      I’m going to have to look up Hubris, you’re the second person saying that (is that like being humble?) Hm…



  2. I never found my dictionary yesterday after getting distracted by my crocodile head, so all I had was a French-English dictionary. Some thoughts:
    Hiccups, hostility, honesty
    Introspection, inciting the [thing you should incite] in you, identity, imperfections (embrace them)
    Justifications, jealousy
    Knowledge, kindness
    Ladder of success, leave behind those (insert negative things here), level up your (insert positive thing here)
    Overpowering your internal naysayer, overwhelmed, overexhertion
    Patience, mmm something about conflicting feelings involving the world paradoxial?, perfection (it isn’t possible)
    Quell your inner turmoil, quit ____
    Realistic but hopeful is key, Reclaim your individuality, refuse to give in
    Unravel your preconceptions, unsubstantiated criticisms are pooh, uplift yourself
    Vanquish, victory, validation
    (there were 7 x words in my dictionary and it didn’t even have xylophone.) maybe X out something? eXcite yourself (cheating haha)?
    Yes you can

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