Flip-flop: on purpose! – A to Z Blog Challenge (F) #atozchallenge

Flip-flop: on purpose! – A to Z Blog Challenge (F) #atozchallenge

Part of “Beat your Inner Bully and Find your Confidence” (A-Z #965)
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We’re spending time in this blog challenge series going over tips and tricks for gaining your confidence and displaying it properly when you write.

Today I have a twist: purposely showing your weaknesses (at certain times). Why?

Blogging is a business.

Um, what? “I’m not making any money directly off of my blogs,” you may say, “this is about networking, practice, and making friends.” Mmmmm hmmmm, that’s why you’re putting so much effort in blogging for this challenge. Yup, me too.I’m not trying to be sarcastic here. I have a SharePoint Blog that ended up stale, and when I did post, it was initially all about providing other developers with steps to handle certain problems. I made many peer connections. I learned a lot of new things. However, eventually, I also needed a place to showcase my talents for prospective employers, including my technical skills and my documentation skills, and since I already had that blog, it fit in nicely.

AKG Blog
Applied Knowledge Group – Blog

And then, later, when I had a couple of really super-duper concepts for posts, I posted those on my company’s blog. And to this day, 4 of my posts are the top 4 most popular posts on that web site, and a huge percentage of all people who come to that blog come because they are looking for me. For my work. I think, and I very much hope, that my company has resulted in getting more client leads due to the popularity of my blog posts.

Now that I’m blogging about being a writer, it’s the same. I hope to connect. I hope to practice. I hope to learn, to network, to share.

And I hope to build a following that will help me some day or another.

In order to do that, I need to make some calculated decisions. I need to market myself as an interesting blogger. I need to make you care about me, worry for me, wish for me to succeed. Cringe at me for my mistakes, because you, as a faithful follower, saw them coming all along.

No, I am not talking about making up fake stories about myself out of thin air. I am talking about making myself into a story. I wrote a separate blog post in my writing blogs describing what I’m talking about because I knew this blog would already be too big. Make yourself an interesting character (don’t lie!) by showing your human side – your weaknesses.

So, if you carefully calculate when it’s safe to do so, put aside those struggles to become a better person and blog about your weaknesses (carefully). Your readers will love you more for it.

And guess what? More readers = more self-confidence.


Go ahead, lay it on. Was it rude to come out and say in the open that most of us are in this for a business / marketing purpose in the long run? And that to do that well, we have to treat it like any other business decision?

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5 thoughts on “Flip-flop: on purpose! – A to Z Blog Challenge (F) #atozchallenge

  1. Knowing your limits and weaknesses can make you a better writer, too. For example, my weakness is world-building. I fall in love with my characters, enjoy the plot that my characters are driving, and emotionally connect to the scenes. But all this falls rather flat because I haven’t spent enough time grounding the reader into a believable world. So, I’ve gathered critique partners whom I know can create killer worlds. Their strengths complement my writing weaknesses, and vice versa.

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  2. This reminds me of the ongoing debate on Youtube. Many people have put ourselves ourselves out there through the ups and downs. We do generate a “fan base” who actually complain when they don’t hear from us. Some follow us to FB, Twitter and even WP. Two have bought my Mandala coloring book on Lulu. In the end, is it a business though? People are beginning to say, not really.


  3. I think you did well laying out why blogging can be a business. I know a lot of writers will blog to try to draw attention to their published work. I blog for fun and the relationships it builds with virtual strangers. If I eventually made money from it (which I’m not sure how I would) it would be an advantage but not the main advantage for my purpose in blogging 🙂


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    1. Hey Thanks!! And yes, I guess that’s really my point: we’re not really trying to sell “our blog” or really so much anything on our blog. We are trying to “sell ourselves.” To get people to like us, to be interested in us. If they’re interested in us enough to keep visiting our blog, they may be interested later to “sample our product” whatever that may be, like for us, our books.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!


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