18. Writing sample and story world teaser

18. Writing sample and story world teaser

Part of the series “From Zero to Hero – Journey of a Novelist”

I decided to publish a sample of my writing, for ye ole faithful who have been kind enough to follow this blog. The writing sample contains super-secret backstory that would not otherwise be seen – literally in the entire “first” series. (“first?” Sounds crazy, I know.)

I’m finally back to writing the manuscript, and I did good today, making a lot of progress, and working out some fuzzy plot details. I also changed a few plot ideas, making the story more clear.

I decided to take a break and read The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown, which I’m reading for the first time, and it is proving to be infinitely better than the movie (which I loved). Before signing off, I decided to write this sample. It’s the first draft, unpolished.

I’m half worried that this will be a spoiler, and half hopeful it will excite readers about the overall series.

Here it is: The Spell of Awakening: Writing Sample and Story World Teaser.

Feedback? Only if you desire.

I’m not specifically looking for this to be critiqued yet, as I’m so new to the writing process that I know for a fact I have several weaknesses I need to address. Some I know for a fact, and some I suspect and will have to research further.

However, if you see something bad – or good – that you wish to point out, you won’t hear any complaints from me. On the contrary, you will have my sincere thanks. I have pretty thick skin, developed over my long years of programming, and learning from mentors who simultaneously blow my socks off with their skill and point out every single flaw in my code.

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