Knowledge: You’re not Einstein – A to Z Blog Challenge (K) #atozchallenge

Knowledge: You’re not Einstein – A to Z Blog Challenge (K) #atozchallenge

Part of “Beat your Inner Bully and Find your Confidence” (A-Z #965)
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Thanks to Alex Schuler for suggesting suggesting today’s topic: Knowledge: you’re not Einstein.

Knowledge: you’re not Einstein

This is a particularly difficult one of mine.

Intelligence can be measured in many different ways (not just “book smarts”), but any way you cut it, you’re not going to know everything. You just can’t. We have too many things going on in our lives, and sometimes it’s hard coordinating dinner (even take-out) let alone every single fact or skill we wish to master.

When it gets super difficult is either when you see those traits you perceive you lack in someone else you admire, or when you feel the need (legitimate or no) to compete with someone and you don’t have the traits you desire that you think will win you the day.

Now, add the two together – someone smart you admire that you have to compete with (or worse, they put you down) – and you’ve really got a challenge on your hands.

You know what, without even knowing you I can guarantee this is going to happen over and over. It happens to me over and over.

So maybe we all need to focus on what we do well, and convince ourselves that those things are satisfying enough. Or perhaps we have to re-examine why we think we lack these skills (maybe we don’t). It’s perfectly ok not to know it all. There’s always more to learn.

And isn’t that a good thing?

Credit: Alex.


Has someone you really admired put you down? How did you feel about it (crummy, I’m sure). Did you still admire and respect them afterwards?

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