Invitation to show your published book pic here

Hey, please don’t feel obligated, but I thought I’d set up a page on my site where anyone who reaches me here from any means can have me post up one of their published works. I’ll put your name, a link, and a pic of your book. My only request is no erotica or really massive gratuitous profanity. I probably wouldn’t be comfortable with something as intense as Game of Thrones either, if you get my drift.

Sue H’s Community Published Works Page

Admittedly, I’m new to writing and new to blogging. I don’t have thousands of followers. However I thought it might be a nice shout-out to anyone kind enough to take the time to visit.

So, if you’d like to join us, send me an email using the gmail in the picture, or Direct Message me on Twitter via @SJHFantasy.

No obligations required – I’m not asking you to like, follow, comment, re-tweet, or anything. Just a nice friendly place for us to share our stories. I hope one day that my published work will join the list.

Sue H


I'd love to hear from you - don't forget a link to your blog/site!

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