20. Author Martin Wilsey

20. Author Martin Wilsey

Part of the series “From Zero to Hero – Journey of a Novelist”

Martin Wilsey

I can’t tell you how lucky I am – I have been given some really great advice from a really cool author: Martin Wilsey.

My husband happens be good friends with “a guy” who is good friends with Martin. When my hubby’s friend heard about my endeavors to become a writer, he thought Martin might be able to provide a word or two of wisdom, and hooked me up.

Martin, being the professional and all-around nice guy he is, already gave me some amazing tips and a much needed boot in the rear.

Martin is a perfect example of an ‘Indie-Published’ (Paper, Kindle, Audible) author who really knew what he was doing. His books have great reviews, and he’s still going, still writing.

Martin’s best advice to me was reminding me of a great quote:

Perfect is the enemy of good

I should have remembered that wisdom from my early programming days.

Here’s a quote from Martin’s Amazon page:

Martin Wilsey is a writer, hunter, photographer, rabble rouser, father, friend, marksman, story teller, frightener of children, carnivore, engineer, fool, philosopher, cook and madman. He and his wife Brenda live in Virginia where, just to keep him off the streets, he works as a research scientist for a government funded think tank.

He’s got a couple of cool-looking books I can’t wait to sample (these are only 2):

Martin Wilsey - Still Falling
Martin Wilsey – Still Falling
Martin Wilsey - The Broken Cage
Martin Wilsey – The Broken Cage


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