Uplifting experiences – A to Z Blog Challenge (U) #atozchallenge

Uplifting experiences – A to Z Blog Challenge (U) #atozchallenge

Part of “Beat your Inner Bully and Find your Confidence” (A-Z #695)
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OK this should catch me up!! Whew.

Thanks to Alex Schuler for the U topic idea: Uplifting Experiences.


Uplifting Experiences
When we’re down, we can’t just turn on our internal switch and suddenly we feel great – boy, I wish it were that easy.

Also, while a little indulgence may be in order, we don’t have to go through two tubs of Rocky Road ice cream, either.

When I’m down, I find that I like to read something not merely entertaining, but inspiring (I don’t mean self-help, just books with deep things to make me think). There are similar things – search on Khan Academy for some cool videos about science or math; go to the aquarium; read about astronomy; check out You Tube for Thoughty2 and his space videos such as “10 Strangest Planets In Space.”

What about getting a good workout? Eh, maybe not the gym, as that may get you even more depressed. Go outside and play some good old fashioned catch or whip up an impromptu soccer goal and kick around the ball. Pick up that Wii U Just Dance game from your kids and have a go with Rock Lobster or the Blues Brothers.

Whatever you do to unwind, give yourself permission to do it without worrying what chores you’re leaving undone. Set a reasonable timeframe to unwind, and a reasonable goal to get back to things (it won’t help if you unwind for two weeks straight and lose your job). Don’t feel guilty for taking a little “me” time – work/chores will get by without you for a bit, and maybe you’ll reconnect a bit with family in the bargain.

Credit: Alex Schuler.


What do you do for fun that always pulls you out of a funk?

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