Yes You Can – A to Z Blog Challenge (Y) #atozchallenge

Yes You Can – A to Z Blog Challenge (Y) #atozchallenge

Part of “Beat your Inner Bully and Find your Confidence” (A-Z #695)
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ONE MORE AFTER THIS! I can’t believe it – I almost didn’t make it. But here we go…

Thanks to Jen Seriously for the Y topic idea: You Can.

You Can

It seems amazing sometimes, doesn’t it? It is so easy to fall into any number of self-confidence traps, and there’s so much for us to “work on” to become happy and confident. It’s overwhelming. I’ll never make any strides, will I?


It’s hard, but you can beat your inner bully. I did – partially – and I continue to make strides every day.

Think of it like chores, or a work project. I saw a great analogy just this Wednesday while researching writing and editing techniques – don’t try to swallow the melon whole. Break things down into small bite-sized chunks – manageable tasks – and just do one at a time.

Once you succeed in one small chunk, it will give you hope and joy knowing you accomplished something, which gives you strength for the next piece.

Credit: Jen Seriously.


Do you have a success story you can share for yourself or a friend?

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