Zero to Hero – A to Z Blog Challenge Wrap-Up (Z) #atozchallenge

Zero to Hero – A to Z Blog Challenge Wrap-Up (Z) #atozchallenge

Part of “Beat your Inner Bully and Find your Confidence” (A-Z #695)
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Sorry I dropped the ball. I never finished the A to Z Challenge! There have been – what – two times I think during this challenge that I got behind. Things are coming out of the woodwork here.

Zero to Hero

My writing blog (which is also suffering) has the name and theme “Zero to Hero.” I believe that we can start from nothing and struggle through, growing to a point that we can overcome the majority of our challenges.

We will never solve every problem, and many of us will always struggle with confidence issues, at least occasionally. We can, however, work to achieve a state where our challenges don’t cripple us, and prevent us from moving forward.

As if to highlight that point, one of the reasons I dropped the ball on the last blog is because I was – after all this preaching – once again crippled by doubt and depression. I got some honest and helpful but unexpected feedback on my writing that shot my feet right out from under me. I was ready to drop the whole thing and give up, never to pick up the pen again.

I have to, however, take my own advice and put everything in perspective. I don’t know where I’ll go from here.

I think of my husband playing Racquetball. He’s amazing; he’s not “the best” but he previously won the “B” Division Nationally, so he’s pretty darn good. We’ve seen others who can practice for 20 or more years and can’t come close to his skill level. He’s a natural.

But he didn’t start out that way. He didn’t know how to play at all, at first – he didn’t know the rules, his muscles weren’t trained, and he didn’t have a feel for the court or what mentally he needed to do.

I think I expected myself to be able to pick up the racquet (read: pen) and be able to win the nationals in my first weekend.   🙂

Lesson here: eat my own dogfood, and don’t let a setback make you lose hope.

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