22. Sweet Mother’s Day Story

22. Sweet Mother’s Day Story

Part of the series “From Zero to Hero – Journey of a Novelist”

Well, Mother’s Day 2016 represents two weeks since I had received very good, very accurate, but very depressing writing feedback. I had been rocked to my core, and spent that Saturday morning crying in bed. I had been just about to throw in the towel.

Well, to be fair, I read on blogs from all over – and in books – that this is a natural, common, and possibly necessary step for all newbie authors. I still was depressed, though.

However, not only did my hubby come through, but my kids did as well, in a big way.

Both my sons (12 and 8) have 20 minutes of reading for homework every day. They were (both) reading Goosebumps up to a point but had asked if they could use my “in progress book” (manuscript) which has 4 chapters um …”done”… to use for their practice. As there is currently no swearing or violence or overly “adult” concepts (that might come later) I said it was fine. Basically anything that is not “See Jane Run” counts for homework for them.

So my youngest, Michael, gets to one of the points where the main character’s sister is joking around trying to cheer him up. It also is supposed to set up the fact they are close.

“Besides, you knucklehead,” Christie continued, “I’m your only sister; you don’t have any choice in the matter.” ….  [paragraph…]

“Yes, you’re my only sister,” Drake agreed, “but I still have a choice. I choose to love you as much as I do.”

Michael gets to that point and stops dead.  He turns to me and says, “Wow, that was really sweet of Drake. And you know what? I could have chosen to play video games all day on Mother’s Day but instead I chose to spend the day with you. Because I choose to love you as much as I do.”

I have to say that after much effort and determination, I succeeded: I was able to answer him with a “Thanks” and a big hug without bursting into tears.

I’m not a “things” person (material things) but my kids and husband wanted to show their love with cards and presents. Obviously, you saw the roses. The featured image is the necklace Michael got me. Alex also got me one, I’ll try to get a picture of that one, too.

I heard the story from my husband (paraphrasing):

Michael: “Oh, these are pretty necklaces. We should get mama one.”

Attendant: “Yes, boys, jewelry is always a good thing to get a woman.”

Alex: “Um, no, my mama doesn’t wear jewelry at all. No necklaces, rings, earrings, or bracelets.”

Michael: “Sure she does. She wears the necklace I bought her last year all the time.”

Michael had, indeed, bought me a sweet little charm necklace with “Mom” in a heart. While Alex is correct – I don’t wear jewelry (or makeup, or dresses) – I will wear the necklaces (like today) to show my kids that I appreciate their efforts.

And I look so fancy today, too.

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