Back in the Saddle

Good Morning!

Well I’m happy to say that this weekend, I got back to writing, after a months-long hiatus! Although now, I have seven – count ’em – seven books going on at the same time, four fiction and three non-fiction.The ones I’m working on right now are one fiction one of my creation (but sparked by my son’s original idea), one fiction of my son’s creation, and a non-fiction one.

Most of my time was with the non-fiction book, a new technical instruction manual on InfoPath. That’s an “older” and “fading” technology, however it’s not nearly so “fading” when you look at how many people still use it (thus the book). I have created and presented webinars and training on InfoPath, including a couple presentations to a SharePoint User Group, and I have been actively using InfoPath for years, so I’m confident this will go well.

Cross your fingers for me, and if you happen to use InfoPath and really wish to know something specific that you’d like to see in the book, feel free to add it to the comments below.



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